Friday, August 20, 2010

The Start of My Nail Polish Adventures

Hello world! I've been inspired by all of these online blogs about nail polish to start one of my own. I've always loved nail polish and how beautiful and versatile it can be.

As a college student, I really almost completely stopped painting my nails, but with all of this new inspiration, I'm going to at least try to keep this up. I may not always have all the newest and up-to-date collections that are out there because of my college student budget, but I can at least keep everyone entertained with what I do have and hopefully some different nail art styles as I experiment.

Here is a manicure I did back in May or so. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in The Real Teal and Deep Purple and Pure Ice Gold Mist.

Left Hand - Argyle

Right Hand - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear The Real Teal for a base

Right Hand - Stripes!

I hope you enjoyed these! I actually liked the striped style more even though it was a bit simpler to do. I've always liked teal/purple combos, but for some reason they just blend together a bit too well where they meet up and you can't really see the defining line between them, as is the case in the argyle mani. That's why I decided to do the nice separating gold stripe on my right hand.

Well, thanks for joining me and I hope to see you around again soon!

The Clumsy Kiwi

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