Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Borghese Festivo Fuchsia

Hi hi! Tim Messenger! ...That's a Hot Fuzz quote, if you didn't know. If you haven't seen that movie, I highly recommend it. :D Anywho, today was my "first" day back to my last semester of college because of all the super snowy/icy business. We had cancelled classes Monday and Tuesday and really shouldn't have been in today till at least twelve to help prevent all the slips and falls that happened at Lander today... At least we've learned our lesson for tomorrow!

The nails I have today are Borghese Festivo Fuchsia, which is a very sparkly red raspberry shimmer that I'm quite fond of.

Borghese Festivo Fuchsia - two coats, sun

It's a lot more sparkly in real life. So pretty! That's my Liz Claiborne faux snake skin handbag in the background, too. :D Yay for animal prints!

That's all for me today, buds! Happy painting!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Del Sol Clearance and Coupon Code

Hello again! I wanted to do an update on Del Sol, the brand of polish that changes color in the sunlight. I recently got Calypso and Electrick from my boyfriend for Christmas, and they sure are pretty! I'll update on those later, but what I wanted to share with you now was a coupon code for the Del Sol website. The code is GIVEME5, and it will give you $5 off on their site.

Del Sol also has their holiday 3-pack of polishes including Ruby Slipper, Island Fever, and Heartbreaker on sale for just $5 as well as their Halloween polish Trick-or-Treat, so you can get either for just shipping.

Here's the holiday 3-pack, which I had to pick up :D

I hope this is useful for you! Happy painting!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! (and Zoya 3 Free Code!)

I know I'm a little late, but Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve to ring in the new year. :D I've really just been trying to enjoy myself this break after such a stressful semester. Seriously, out of the seven semesters in college I've had, that one was absolutely the toughest, but I came out of it well and this upcoming semester I get a bit of a break with some online classes and only two biology labs. Woo hoo!!! Also, another class I'm super excited about is Makeup and Mask Design! A theater elective for this biology major! This will be the only "just for fun" class I've ever taken, and I'm so glad I got to stay in it (there was a bit of a to-do about it because there weren't enough spots for all of the theater majors, but it's all straightened out now!). SO... I am EXTREMELY excited for this new semester... my last semester in college before I graduate!!!

AAAAAND... Nail polish. I got tons of polish over the break... and am probably about to head out right now and grab some more at CVS from their bi-annual cosmetics sale. Yay. :)

Also, don't forget to get your three free polishes from Zoya! Their code lasts until this Friday! (FB2011) I am sooooo excited for these and still need to narrow my list down!

I'm thinking... Evangeline, Cheri, and Crystal... Although I also have my eye on Carrie Ann, Roxy, and Mimi. I hope you get some wonderful polish! Make sure you jump on this offer by Friday! 

Happy Painting!